I got back last weekend from my first trip to Kauai with my wife. I had been to Oahu and Maui but this was my first time on Kauai, and I have to say it might be my favorite so far. It was lush and green and simply gorgeous. Plus they filmed Jurassic Park there and I kept humming the theme song from that movie the whole time I was there (clever girl). 

We spent a good chunk of the week relaxing and laying by the beach but we also hiked a small part of the Na Pali Coast which was one of the most fun and challenging hikes I have done in a while. We had great weather until about half way out when it started to rain quite a bit, but overall the weather was great and we were very fortunate. We rented a Ford Fiesta for a week, and no offense to Ford Fiesta owners but I am quite happy to be back in my Subaru this week. 

We also visited Waimea Canyon which is basically the Hawaiian version of the Grand Canyon. It was so big and vast, it was truly breathtaking. We went to a few different lookout points to see different views of it and bought some local fruit and coconut meat to snack on. 

We spent a great week in a beautiful part of the world. We went to local farmer's markets, had some fresh shaved ice, and got a little relaxation time in before our schedules are hectic again. If you're up for a vacation and want to get a real "Hawaiian" vibe, Kauai is the place to go. That's about it for this go around, stay gold and stay curious!

Keep Exploring!